who need advice or to talk?

Please even if it is deciding what outfit to wear

30 Sep 12 at 7 pm

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asker Thanks. I think it wont be easy, but i'm going to try. Tomorrow I'll start to on that. :3

Great! I hope everything turns out good, just keep me updated! :)

30 Sep 12 at 6 pm

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asker Yeah, there's a part one, but the tumblr didn't send it D: Well, I said basically that I was in love for a boy, but now i'm in love for a girl (and I'm a girl). This girl is very lovely, she already had a "relationship" with a girl once and that's why i think that I have a chance with her. And she is always kissing people's face, holding people's hand, and that makes me so confuse. And the rest is in the other ask.

Next time you see her, ask her about her feelings toward you, if you are uncomfortable with doing this then ask your/her friends who have seen her around you if by her actions it seems like she likes you. If you are really positive she likes you and you would prefer not to ask her or her friends, then the next chance you have to kiss her just go for it! Don’t be afraid of rejection because at least then you will know for sure how she feels about you and you can move forward. Good luck, let me know how it goes and if you need further advice! :)

30 Sep 12 at 5 pm

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asker (...) But I still feel insecure about do something. Yesterday I went at her house, and we had a lot of fun. Me, her, and other friends. At night, was time to went away, so everybody went downstairs, and she and I went to elevator. She asked me a hug, so I gave her, but now I feel like I had to kiss her, and I feel blame. I feel like she's into me too. In her house she was holding my hand while we were watching a movie. She kiss me everytime in my face. I'm coward, I need her to do all the things

Is there a part one to this? Or is this further advice needed to a message I have previously answered?

30 Sep 12 at 3 pm
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